Thursday, August 5, 2010

July Twenty-Seventh

My new cute friend, Melissa and I surprised Amy at her job with party hats and super miniature cupcakes from Baked By Melissa (not my new cute friend Melissa but another Melissa).

We strolled through Chelsea with our party gear and headed to Taïm for falafel sandwiches (so tasty - no, seriously, that's what taïm means in Hebrew).

We had a mini picnic in Washington Square Park where we came across this lovely gentlemen. Possibly the cutest thing ever. & this is why I love New York City. It's so random. He made my day and it wasn't even my day to be made.

Sorry the video is shaky at the beginning. I was dancing then realized maybe I should stop.

*I know I'm on a "break" but I wanted to share my vacay before it became irrelevant. I will go back to neglecting you soon.