Thursday, August 5, 2010

New York's bestest chocolate chip (w/ walnuts) cookie?

Perhaps but my orthodontist told me to refrain from having nuts of any kind in my mouth for the next year (plenty of disappointed keebler elves) so I opted for the dark chocolate chocolate chip.

I don't love cookies. I'm a cake kind of gal. The stale cookies at Subway are the extent of my cookie cravings and I only choose them because they're sweeter than Doritos.

But between Levain's cookies and Havana Central's pernil, the Upper West Side is beginning to look a lot more delicious.

List of adjectives that describe the marvelous cookies: thick, rich, chewy, chunky, chocolaty, velvety, buttery, gooey & slightly raw. That seems to be the trick and I'll have you know it's very much worth the possible risk of salmonella poisoning.

Levain is conveniently located below a wax salon so after you get your cooter waxed, go console yourself and your stripped layer of skin with an 800 calorie cookie. Hell, get two.

'Cause you both deserve it.