Friday, September 24, 2010

♪ All I see is these fake fucks with no fangs, trying ta draw blood from my ice cold veins ♪ *

If I had to describe myself in three words...I'd have a hard time because I'm a whole lotta things but if I absolutely had to, I'd go with


So a' course with the new season officially in place, I took the opportunity to go out and buy pumpkins and gourds to get my apartment in the spirit of things and hey, why not make a really fattening & comforting meal, too. I need to pack on the pounds to help keep myself warm in these frigid 80° temperatures.

Speaking of hot shit, have you heard Kanye West's new singles? He's an egotistical douchenozzle but man, his music lives up to his constant and shameless self-adoration.

All the singles are currently on replay. That along with the leftover mac and cheese in my fridge are making this week quite delicious.

*That's exactly how I feel, Jay-Z.