Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall For The Arts Festival

l: bites on wheels
r: feverish ice cream truck

l: dim ssam a gogo
r: nacho mama's mexican grill

l: the rolling stove
r: la camaronera's the fish box

l: yellow submarine
r: latin burger & tacos

l: jefe's original fish taco & burgers
r: wing commander

yellow burger from yellow submarine

lechoncito sandwich from bites on wheels
mmmm, pork
bulgogi beef croquetas ssam from dim ssam a gogo

victory wings from wing commander

sweet lemonade, yeah, sweet lemonade

fireman derek's world famous pies

mango sorbet from feverish ice cream truck

Art schmart! Obviously, I was there for the food trucks.

My only complaint is that I wish the trucks would have offered smaller portions of their regular menus. C'mon son, the whole point is to try several items not stuff yourself on one burger.

I'm looking forward to the actual Food Truck festival in October and this time I won't forget to bring tupperware for leftovers!