Monday, September 6, 2010

It's all fun & games until...

Amy & I decided to take our mothers on a much needed (them) double date. We headed to the Redlands to check out the Schnebly Winery which replaces grapes in their winemaking with local tropical fruits such as carambola, lychee, passionfruit, mango & avocado.

Getting to the winery was interesting as it's in the middle of nowhere and it was pitch black but eventually angels start singing and you come upon the beautifully lit grounds. Once inside, you can jam out to the live band, setup a picnic dinner and of course, taste some wines! We got wild and did all three.

The crowd favorite was the lychee. Avocado was not.

I highly recommend this place. It's cheap, unique & a great way to spend a lazy evening.

Just keep Homestead Hospital on speed dial for the lightweights