Monday, September 13, 2010

my future roommate

You've seen her all over this here thang.

She's my rock, my "BFF Jill" though really, she's my cousin,

We have a huge family. Seriously, like over 40 cousins but we're the only females close in age so it was always just us two trying to survive boring family gatherings and ganging up on our older brothers when they tried to bully us.

she's trying to take me to Harlem.

& I'm praying to the real estate lords in the Upper West Side (preferrably in the 70s area - hello, Levain) to have a fabulous 2 bedroom available in May so I won't have to fight off the baby daddies of 125th or the little kids that get mad at me daily when I won't buy Kool-Aid from them on St. Nicholas Terrace.

& I hope we won't bicker over things like hair on the bathroom floor, storage space and who drank the last ounce of passionfruit juice.

Deal, luvah?