Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sakaya Kitchen via iPhone

Pork Buns
w/ roasted pork, pickled cucumber & ssamjang sweet chili sauce

Honey Orange Baby Back Ribs
w/ jasmine rice & brussel sprouts

Angus Beef Bulgogi Burger
w/ pork, tator tots, ssamjang sauce, spicy cheese & spicy mayo

located in "midtown"
+ the ribs were delishuz
+ everything else was pretty good. i'm not in love but i'm addicted.
+ super de duper affordable
+ they don't allow pictures...get over yourself
+ i dig the chalkboard menu
+ doesn't that burger look disgustingly inviting?!
+ brussel sprouts should grace menus with their presence more often, no? SI.
+ holl-eR