Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Love Letters

Dear Delano, your all white everything motif is fab and made me feel like a rockstar. Your duvets also provided a great nights sleep.

Sunny South Beach, you've never been so silent. & I am now spoiled for life and will shell out $20 for your beach chairs because I didn't find a speck of sand anywhere. ps. Thanks for the awesome tan. It had been a while.

Beloved Shake Shack, I love you not only because of your obsessively delicious burgers and concretes but also because you remind me of New York and you play M.I.A.

Miami, thank you for not screwing up another birthday with your summer hurricane warnings. For once, I appreciated your 95° weather.

Asia De Cuba, you are visually beautiful but dinner was not impressive and your service kinda blew. I'll blame it on Miami Spice and give you a second chance but you need to get it together. Great coconut cake, though!

Lovely friends, thank you for coming out. Sorry I could not hang but I was running on two hours of sleep and the pillow was whispering sweet nothings into my ear since 8pm.

Pool Day, you were exactly what I needed. I could have stayed there enjoying your relaxing lounge music and (perfect) quesadillas all day.

Weekend, you were amazing. We may have to do this again very soon.