Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mary, Mary, why ya' buggin'.

Internets! In one hour I will have been awake for 24 hours and I am wired. Hyper. My tired, baggy eyes are begging for sleep but my body seems to think it's time to salsa. My mind's telling me no but my body, my body's quite literally telling me yes.

I had an extremely long day at school. I'm back in the kitchen this semester. I go to culinary school, in case you didn't know. But I switched to food service management so that I could yell at people and slap them with my whip.

Anyhow, before I graduate, (hurry up May and show yourself) they forced me back into the kitchen. And I love it. I often forget that but the atmosphere in a kitchen is just so me. Hectic & fast-paced. Dirty jokes and cursing galore. It's fun. But man it's exhausting. No, really, this shit is grueling work.

But I'm so happy. I feel very fulfilled which may be the norm for you uh, normal people but I isn't normal. I'm constantly looking for something broke SO I CAN FIX IT. This is not to be mistaken with low self-esteem. I think I'm the shit but I'm constantly trying to out-do myself. But, I'm so content with how everything in my life has worked out at this point. As well as who is and isn't in it. I'm loving being me more than usual so excuse my Kanye moment.

Also, I'm no longer accepting comments because I started to actually care about comments and that's so unbelievably wack on my part. I don't comment on blogs for recognition. I comment because in some way, I think you're cool which really just means that I probably wouldn't ignore you if I ever saw you in person. Depends if I'm having a good hair day.

I started this blog as so many others to document a relationship because I thought me and the bf were going to get married, have incredibly cute, light skinned Dominican kids and "how cool would it be to have something to look back at that whole process". #failsauce

I continue to blog for myself and a few close friends because they get a kick out of this shit. But hey, if strangers want to read my nonsense, by all means. And if you ever want to discuss who I think should win Top Chef Just Desserts (Erika) or ask me what my favorite potato chip is (honey bbq) you can do so by emailing me at the address to your top left.

While I'm at it, let me address the title of this blog (don't you just hate using the word blog in blogs?) because I never have. No one, absolutely no one calls me Mrs. Boots. It came from a nickname the bf gave me and an inside joke. The sweet part comes from my insane sweet tooth. Duh. Chronicles simply because "adventures" would be a dirty lie.

Mrs. Boots and Sirs didn't work out but I love him to pieces. He is my heart and will continue to be until he gets a girlfriend and she decides she hates me because I'm so effortlessly cool and "Oh ma gaaa, how can she walk in those shoes". And I'll be all like "Bitch, 'cause I'm a woman". And so begins the relationship between ex gf and new gf. It's the circle of life and it moves us all.

Excuse my rambling and tangents. My thoughts are reeling.

*This was written from my phone at 4:30am. That's code for "don't judge me".