Monday, October 11, 2010

NY Wine & Food Festival: Carts in the Parc

+ Meeting one of my favorite bloggers, Miss. Molly Yeh. I like to call her Yay. She plays the xylophone and other instruments I know nothing about. And she's cute. Go visit her {mostly} food blog.
+ Meeting Top Chef Contestant Spike. I think he's super delicious in a weird "I want to give you my spare change and check your beard for lice" kinda way. Let's analyze the picture above shall we? Head leaned in...totally digging me. Arm around my shoulder...sign of possessiveness. As you can all clearly see, he's crazy about me.
+ Stuffing my face 'til I could no longer breathe properly - Taking a break - Going for round 2
+ That awesome picture of Doug, the owner of the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck about to inhale my cone sorta made my day.

My favez
+ Big Gay Ice Cream Truck: The Salty Pimp (vanilla soft serve, dulce de leche, sea salt dipped in chocolate on a cone!!!) was as good as I dreamed it was. I've been twitter stalking the BGICT for a year but he was always off being a bassoonist when I was in NY. I made sure to get two.
+ Schnitzel & Things: It was the most satisfying thing I had & my empty stomach is currently craving some schnitz.

+ Uh, hello. 23 carts in one spot, hosted by the Food Network, Andrew Zimmern & TimeOutNY. There were no lowlights!
+ Actually, when I was tearing up the tongue slider and told Amy it was tongue, she proceeded with "Eeeeeeewww, yick!" and made me want to vom. She has the power to gross me out of otherwise delicious things sometimes. I've told her it's rude but she refuses to listen. I love her anyway. For her recap on the event including way more awesome pictures, go here.