Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How I know my father loved (loves) me & nostalgia

My sweet tooth overpowers all my other teeth and as a fellow sweet tooth-er himself, my father knew I meant serious business.

As a child, if I didn't have my stash, I might have foamed at the mouth and barked at guests or even go as far as humping the ice cream man for my daily fix.

But my father always made sure I had a decent supply of Little Debbie zebra cakes to hold me over each week.

& when the holidays would begin, my zebra cakes were replaced with these.

Now, everytime I see them, I
know the holidays have officially begun. These, my friends, are my red cups from Starbucks. They give me warm, little fuzzies all over and bring a tiny tear to my eye.

Thanks for keeping me from turning tricks, dad.