Sunday, November 28, 2010

Holiday Spirit

It's usually that time of year when I start bitching that it does not, at all, feel like Christmas.

Everything here is green. Air conditioners remain on at all times. Leaves are in tact and people are wearing shorts and flip flops.

But it's an unwritten rule in the Jerez family that whichever aunt/uncle/mom hosts Thanksgiving each year, must have the house fully decorated for the holidays.

Thanksgiving was a success. Lots of family, lots of food & lots of laughs. My desserts were a huge hit and we listened to Nat King Cole's Christmas album all night.

& just like that, the sugar plum fairies worked their magic.

I'm happy to say that Christmas decorations are no longer pissing me off.

Now, if only that pampers commercial with the babies would stop creeping me out.