Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Miami Street Food Court

I can barely keep up with the amount of food trucks popping up each month! I dig it.

& on Tuesday-Thursday nights, the pros and rookies come out to what has been deemed the Miami Street Food Court. & the "lineup" switches everyday. I dig this too.

On this particular night, Latin Burger, Dim Ssam A Go Go, The Fish Box and Dolce Peccati (better known as Gelato truck) were out and it was paaacked.


I ordered la camaronera sandwich (fried scrimpz) and pistachio gelato.

I then went down the block for some tacos from Latin House Grill. I'm a jerk.

Dude, but seriously, after trying about 80% of the food trucks in South Miami, Latin House Grill still has my heart. Or taste buds.

Miami Street Food Court is located on 65th ave & Bird.