Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful for

- my favorite person
- being hispanic because that means pernil
. I'm sorry but pernil > turkey.
- That being said stuffing >
- intuition. Mine is on point.
- roasted pine nut couscous
- google
- merengue for getting me through my workouts. What can I say, it gets me going.
- bubbles
- my mom

- your mom
- Target
- low water bills

- doughnuts
- the fact that I still like Stereo Love
because it's on the radio every 2 minutes and if I hated it...that would suck. Also thankful that Pitbull hasn't remixed (ruined) it.
- passing Accounting III
- sleep

this pumpkin cheesecake recipe that makes people fall in love with me

Wishing you a tasty Thanksgiving.