Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This seems to be the trend around here these days

and by "this" I mean, me, being reeeeally stressed out due to school work (the last couple weeks of any semester is such a pain in the ass, no?) and "making myself feel better" by eating gross (fucking fantastic) foods.

On the way home from school I usually have a conversation with myself that goes a little like this:

Me: I'm starving. School blows. This hour long drive sucks.
Me: I know what would make you feel better.
Me: and what would that be, Me?
Me: McDonald's fries or 5 doughnuts from Krispy Kreme OR stopping by a food truck.
Me: But I bought all that boring health food and it's about to rot in my fridge.
Me: Yeah, but twitter says Latin Burger is on Kendall Dr.
Me: You're an asshole. [as I take the Kendall Dr. exit]

As you can see, I'm easily convinced

Oddly enough, I can rarely convince myself to go to the gym.

That thing up there is the Burger Beast from Latin Burger. A chorizo & sirloin burger with pulled pork. Can we get any more disgusting?