Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sugarcane Raw Bar

pomegranate lemonade/ pomegranate seeds/ svedka/ citrus essence
spice of love/ jalapeno/ passion fruit syrup/ mango essence/ svedka/ cointreau

goat cheese croquettes/ membrillo marmalade

veal meatballs/ jerez demi/ manchego/ tomatoes

pomegranate glazed spare ribs/ cucumber/ mint

steamed pork buns/ apple kimchi/ cilantro

vanilla bean pear cobbler/ brown sugar streusel/ vanilla ice cream

I finally went to Sugarcane and I forgot my camera. I'm sooo dumb sometimes. Luckily, my handy, dandy phone came through. And yeah, so here you go.

It was 2:30pm on a Thursday and I hadn't so much as had a drink of water all day. I ordered something from the bar and it had me feeling a bit jolly to say the least. I started to feel a little guilt being tipsy before a socially acceptable hour then I thought, wait a minute, I'm officially on Christmas vacation as of 30 minutes ago! So I ordered dessert too. Angie said, "'Tis the season!". This is why we're friends.

We both agreed that maybe we should have gotten two orders of the goat cheese croquetas.

I love spontaneous friends and spontaneous weekday lunch dates!