Wednesday, March 30, 2011



In a momentary lapse of judgment and a little guilt, I lent someone my camera. It's in great hands but I want it back because iPhone pictures are t3h suck. Anyway.

I've become quite the restaurant picking nazi. Luckily, my friends don't mind as long as they know in advance how many "monies" it is.

$ under 15
$$ 15-30
$$$ 30-45
$$$$ 45-65
$$$$$ 65-you did this to yourself you gluttonous fool

I just made that up but that seems about right.

This place is two monies. Except that that prosciutto and mozzarella appetizer was $16. Major ripoff and not nearly as good as Mai Tardi's. Our bill was $45 so you do the math.

Service was awesome and Italian which I appreciated since this is an Italian restaurant. The waiter thought my veal tortelloni took too long so we got free tiramisu. How romantical. Especially since I didn't think the food took long at all. Would I come back here? No.

& I'm afraid no margherita pizza will ever beat Keste's in NYC.