Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Train Hobos, Shenanigans & Cheap Thrills


You get on the train. You smell something peculiar. "Excuse me, ladies & gentlemen"...

So polite.

There's a black dude that looks about an inch away from death. I'm concerned for him. He looks like he's about to keel over at any second. He's always barefoot and is both bald and has dreads?

A white guy who goes around asking for change and says something that sounds a lot like "shalum". Not shalom but shalum. I'm trying to figure out what this means.

There's one that sings "Can you please help the hungry and the homeless? Can you please spare change for a dolla?". He's my favorite.

Earlier this week there was a Dominican guy really upset that "women to women" can get married. "Be careful. God is not happy", he preached loudly at 7am. He was on the other side of the train and it felt like he was screaming directly into my ear. I am not a morning person. & New Yorkers are rude? Yeah, right. No one asked him to kindly shut the fuck up and it went on from when I got on at 145th until 42nd street. "Santo sea el nombre de Dios".

Don't get me wrong. The A train & I are tight.

& when you happen to be on a local train and you pull up to a station to see the GLORIOUS A train across the platform. What a rush! Will I make it?!

So far, I've always made it.